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Plug the infrared sensor lead (Item 4) into the back of the Standby Saver It may help to read through the instructions before setting up your Standby Saver.
British gas tv standby saver General Discussions. Total Posts: 1,497. or use below link scroll down to download full instructions
5 Aug 2010 This product looks likes any normal 6-way extension socket, except that two of On reading the instructions, the standby saver would appear to be very same that product that appeared on the BBC programme Dragon's Den. . overall energy bill, these reductions can lead to a worthwhile annual saving.
A power strip is a block of electrical sockets that attaches to the end of a flexible cable (typically Some power strips have energy-saving features, which switch off the strip if appliances This reduces the consumption of standby power used by computer . AC power plugs and sockets · Extension cord · Power cord · Power
Easy step by step guide to break that standby habit. Plug related appliances together on a multi-socket adaptor or extension lead Standby savers – or energy-saving plugs – work with a remote control. about 24p, while leaving an average older television on standby for 16 hours a day could cost around ?3.27 a year.
8 Apr 2010
We've all opted for the lazy option and left our appliances on standby instead of to "run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed" then any back-up If you're finding the standby habit hard to break, there are some standby saver Although, using a switchable multi-socket extension lead could be a good
20 Nov 2008 A standby power consumption limiting device is provided for [0013] A device as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 10 which is part of an extension lead. in detail, the Standby-saver has been the subject of a television programme . capability (RAM), and an instruction processing capability (CPU).
Shop Ecotek Standby Saver 6-Way Socket - Infrared Version (discontinued by manufacturer). Brennenstuhl Eco-Line, 6-way extension lead (with foot-operated switch, switch and . As per instructions I (arbitrarily) chose the on/off key on my IR channel . My mum bought one of these and got me to programme it for her.
WARNING the Standby Saver unit has a maximum power rating 5 Plug the cable (Item 4) into the jackplug socket in the side of the Standby Saver (Item 5) and