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Elsewhere we may see a masterpiece of manual dexterity. It is reticulated, or articulated ; or has its paste perforated, and then covei'cd with glaze ; or it may be a grotesque expression of Oriental humor. Otliei's are decorated with designs in color, and their aspects have no monotony. INTRODVCTIOy. 41 Should one side
I passed my finger readily along the body and from the angles up the rami of the bone, to satisfy myself that it was quite dead throughout. The outside of the The membranes had been broken for twenty-eight hours, the pains had never been powerful, and the woman's strength was not much impaired. She was greatly
97912 Lauda-Konigshofen. Germany. From Series 04-0001 (see item 8.3). 08/06 from software version 2.1. YAWE 0026. Phone +49 (0) 9343/ 503-0. Fax +49 (0) 9343/ 503-222 e-mail Internet Operating Instructions. Integral T. Process Thermostats. T 1200 (W), T 2200 (W),. T 4600 (W), T
Correction: Analysis of resin-dentin interface morphology and bond strength evaluation of core materials for one stage post-endodontic restorations. e0118109? Cathy W C, Bi; Pinky S C, Lee; Guizhong, Xin; Abudureyimu, Miernisha; Kei M, Lau; Aizhen, Xiong; Ning, Li; Tina T X, Dong; Haji A, Aisa; Karl W K, Tsim
The perfect setting for hi fi components is Sherwood's Correia ire contemporary furniture modules- in hand·rubbed Walnut and Pecan. Sherwood This is accomplished by means of the tuner's labo.ratory-type d'Arsonval signal-strength meter, which can be switched into each circuit without soldering. The KM-60 is the
D-97912 Lauda-Konigshofen from series Y01. Phone: +49/9343/ 503-0. 12/01. Fax: +49/9343/ 503-222. YAWE0019. E-mail info @ Internet Operating instructions. LAUDA Water Circulation coolers. WK 500, WK 502, WK 1200,WK 1400. WK 2200, WK 2400, WK 3200, WK 4600,. WK 7000 (W)
In patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS), a scoring system based on new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) active lesions, relapses and Our data indicate that EGCG given to patients with MS over 12 wk improves muscle metabolism during moderate exercise to a greater extent in men than in
LAUDA WK class WK 1200. Circulation chiller. Circulation chiller. Cat. No. 100 V; 50 Hz / 115 V; 60 Hz: LWG 733. Description. Circulation chiller; 1-line LED display for display of actual or set temperature and analogue pump pressure indication; User-friendly menu guidance with simplest 3-key operation; Electronic 2-point
27 Apr 1988 and contralto Elizabeth Anker. For this performance of. "Gloria," Hogwood will follow the original scoring of the work using three soloists instead of the usual two. West and Brown will also be soloists for "Lauda. Jerusalem." Tickets can be purchased by phone by calling Teletron 720-. 3434 or 800-382- 3080.
RESULTS There was significant improvement in all domains of the Boston Carpal Tunnel and Michigan Hand Outcomes questionnaires, grip strength and touch threshold. There were no adverse events. The total mean operating time was 12.8 minutes (range: 5–15 minutes) and the mean tourniquet time was 2.5 minutes