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All 6 buckles are black plastic, curved, side-release Paracord Bracelet Buckles. The "1/4 POUND ECONOMY Kit" includes 2 Split Key Rings, silver in color, nickel-plated and approximately 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter. All Kits include Written Instructions and two eBooks: “Paracord Bracelets and Projects for Fun and Profit! : Paracord Planet Survival & Emergency Paracord Bracelet Kits (Cobra Braid Instructions Included) Unique Kits Ranging from 30 to 200 Feet in 100 Feet Kit: Safety (4 Colors of Reflective Paracord that are 25 ft in length, 2 watchband compasses, 4 black 5/8” whistle buckles, and a Zippo cedar fire starter)
With summer around the corner, the kids can make Friendship Bracelets - a great gift to friends before, during summer or for back to school!
12 May 2015
X-cords #1 Paracord Bracelet Kit- Make Survival Bracelet Kits.(includes Instructions)access to Over 20 Free Videos, We Gauranteed You Can Make Them! All Paracord Is 550 7 Strand and Made in the USA! Wear a Bracelet That Could Save Your Life! Make, Wear, Survive with X-cords Survival Bracelet Kits. Kits As Shown.
12 Jan 2015
19 Oct 2016 By adding a piece of bendable wire, you can create a paracord bracelet in any design in such a way that you do not need to add a buckle or even a lanyard knot to keep it on your wrist. The wire makes the bracelet stiff and bendable to that it is easy to slip on and off the wrist. View the entire tutorial here.
24 Sep 2014 : X-Cords Paracord Fire Starter Buckle Flint Buckle Whistle Buckle Combo Fits all Paracord 550 750 and 850 Cord Survival Supplies Side Release Paracord Survival Bracelet That You Can Wear Every Day-includes X-cords Exclusive How to Make You Own Ultimate Paracord Bracelet instructions Video Link.