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Welcome to vuplus images, below you will find sections for the latest images, plugins, picons, settings, addons, backups, support, tutorial & guides for your vu+ satellite receiver.
The digital HDTV satellite receiver 'VU+ Solo?' is based on Linux and can be used with your CyberGhost account with a OpenVPN
7 Apr 2016 Black Hole 3.0.2 Kodi What is new ? - Support Kodi (solo2, solose, duo2, solo4k) - Fix youtubetv/chromium bug - New default skin MX HQ10 - Update
26 Feb 2014
2 Jan 2013 VTi "Vu+ Team Image Solo2 - V 5.0.1 HBBTV - 20.12.2012 OE 1.6 USB Update: 20.12.2012 - update cs translation, THX @Roxy - update it translation, THX for manual change of wlan drivers please install the correct package from this post (bm750 --> Vu+ Duo) . Long TV Button - Open Bouquets List.
Ver la Version Completa : VU+ Solo imagen Team Image Solo" - V 7.0.0 - 17.07.2014 · Black. Hole Vu+ Solo 2.1.1 · vu+solo manual en video · Black Hole 2.10. Manual Install BH packges. (Manual installation of Black Hole packages) openATV 4.2 VU+ openATV 4,2 Duo,Solo, Uno,. Ultimo, Solo2, Duo2 VU+Zero Image.
Multiboot. Alles zu Multiboot mit Vu+ Ultimo4K, Uno4K, Solo4K, Duo2, Solo?, SoloSE, Zero, Ultimo, Uno, Solo, Duo. Themen: 114. Beitrage: 2.254. Multiboot fur Ultimo 4K moglich? Trial - 3. Mai 2017
18 Jan 2016 OpenATV Team VU+ Images. VU+ images by the OpenATV team > Homepage: Click for specific categories: All OpenATV Image Other Files (7) OpenATV Updates (3) OpenATV VU+ Duo2 Images (7) OpenATV VU+ Duo Images (5) OpenATV VU+ Solo2 Images (7) OpenATV VU+Solo 4K Images (3)
31 Jan 2015 I am a new user of octgon sf8 HD I am lookin for a user guide, or manual, of openatv image.. can anybody tell me where to find it? in englis of course. GigaBlue Q-SSC / Q+-SSC / weitere. Box 2: DM900uhd-SS / Vu+Duo. Box 3: Sogno 800HD Revo Triple 8800HD-SS. Box 4: E4HD FormF3 AX Triplex
15 Mar 2014