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Becquerel Harley, also known by his Pesterchum handle callingCujo, is one of the main characters in Guidestuck, as well as the first one introduced. While in Homestuck, one of the main characters, named Jade Harley, has a dog named Becquerel, in Guidestuck, Becquerel is the human
Jaspers Lalonde is one of the four human beta players in Guidestuck (assuming there are any
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Le wiki de Guidestuck, la MSPFA de Scervenrot. Les photos et les videos sont un bon moyen
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Cal Strider, also known by its chumhandle pinnochiosVices, is one of the four human beta players
Guidestuck is the first MS Paint Adventure written by scarvenrot, and currently the most popular of its kind. It is an alternate universe of Homestuck, in which four non-human characters - namely John's harlequin doll, Rose's cat Jaspers, Dave's puppet Lil' Cal and Jade's dog
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scarvenrot, Guidestuck FAQ. In Homestuck, a Lusus Naturae (or a Custodian) is a large animal, colored entirely in white, who looks after a young troll. Each of the twelve main troll characters has a Lusus. In Guidestuck, these Lusii become trolls that message Quinn, Jaspers, Cal and Bec, and the trolls become their Lusii.