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16 Jul 2008 Introduction. The Guide Star Catalog II (GSC-II) is an as- tronomical database constructed from the scanned images of 9541 Palomar and UK Schmidt photo- graphic sky survey plates digitized at Space Tele- scope Science Institute (STScI). These same plate images are also known as the Digitized Sky Sur-.
The Guide Star Catalog (GSC), also known as the Hubble Space Telescope, Guide Catalog (HSTGC), is a star catalog compiled to support the Hubble Space Telescope with targeting off-axis stars. GSC-I contained approximately 20,000,000 stars with apparent magnitudes of 6 to 15. GSC-II contains 945,592,683 stars out
COM Print and send PDF files as Emails with any application, ad-sponsored and free of charge 12. A RUICK LOOK AT SOME NEX STAR Some new astrometric star catalogs have recently become available, among them the Guide Star Catalog 2.2. (GSC 2), the USNO.B1.0, and the USNO CCD
The new improved guide star catalogue II. It's a very big universe out there, and an astronomer's work is never done when it comes to simply counting and cataloging the sheer number of stars in the heavens. Completing a seven-year effort at digitizing the entire sky for a second time, astronomers at the Space Telescope
Abstract. The basic properties and foundations of the Guide Star Catalog (GSC) are presented. Special emphasis is given to the published versions of the GSC, and the project on image compression and distribution of the digitized survey plate scans is mentioned.
Part 1 of the catalog presents an astronomical overview of the Guide Star Catalog, together with its history, the properties of its current implementation, and the prospects for enhancement. The guide star catalog. NTRS Full-Text: Click to View [PDF Size: 1.2 MB]. Author and Affiliation:
6 May 2003 Previous versions of this SIS, which contain the ITAR disclaimer, are obsolete. For configuration reasons, a new version of the SIS was not released. No content changes have been made. Software Interface Specification. PCRS Guide Star Catalog. Lockheed Martin Astronautics Operations. PO Box 179.
5 Apr 2012 The Guide Star Catalog I (GSC I) is an all-sky optical catalog of positions and magnitudes of approximately 19 million stars and other objects in the 6th to 15th magnitude range. GSC I catalog is used for the control and target acquistion of the Hubble Space Telesope. The Guide Star Catalog II (GSC II) is an
26 Jul 2017 Official Full-Text Paper (PDF): The Guide Star Catalog. I - Astronomical foundations and image processing.
GSC-II positions were computed by means of astrometric calibrations based on reference stars extracted from the. Tycho-2 catalogue (Hog et al 2000). A quadratic polynomial was adopted to model the transformation from the plate coordinates X,Y, previously corrected for refraction, to the standard coordinates from which.