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Eoleth's Dark Summoner PvE Guide ~| Before we start i want to let you know this is a guide made out of my personal knowledge and personal playstyle. You can take the Builds and use it by your own if they fit you, but you can take them and bring in your personal preferences as well. I've been playing Dark
18 Des 2015 Sebelumnya saya sudah membahas tentang Skill Build Soul Eater. Nah kali ini saya akan membahas saudarinya yaitu Dark Summoner Skill Build Level 90. Dark Summoner agak berbeda dengan Soul Eater. Di Cap 80 lalu, Dark Summoner sempat di Boost besar-besaran. Skill yang paling dilirik pada
Hi, it's me again, the Kali guy. I decided to go ahead and just grind out a dark summoner since the one I have is chronicled and useless,
I've been looking everywhere trying to find a build and how to rotate my skills correctly, and I can't seem to find it. Anyone have tips?
Dark Summoner. DARK SUMMONER SKILL BUILD (PVP). Dark summoner with stigma of curse. I didnt spent SP for negative ghost, Its a PVE skill which will lose the will to fight. so that the mobs will not fight you back. Despair needle: This skill can be easily dodged. so i just kept 1 lvl. Spirit blow: This skill is used to break
13 Jul 2016 In Cap 90, Dark Summoner get good news, because the consumption of MP's flagship Buff be small. Well although Buff eventually become Self Buff, nonetheless it makes the consumption reduction can often Stacking Dark Summoner Buff. Damage to some skill was improved (read: Analysis Screamer
1 Dec 2016 90 posts. Axolotls; DN, Westwood; wut. Posted 01 December 2016 - 10:30 PM. Getting tired of my salaena so i wanted to try out kali and dark summoner appealed to me but unfortunately i have 0 knowledge of kali , hence the question . Thanks guys ^^ (sorry if it's been posted already i could only find old ones ). Back to top
20 Aug 2012 Dragon Nest - Hi, my main is named RoyaleDeath you may seen my youtube videos. I have gotten a lot of requests for my build, a guide, or whats good and not good for Dark Summoners. This will hopefully answer all your questions. In this guide I will go over my build, what good gear to use for kali, PvP
12 Feb 2017
17 Mar 2017 Genggam mereka semua dengan tangan iblis dari neraka terdalam! Dark Summoner merupakan job yang bertipe dps berbeda dari saudaranya yang menjadi debuffer, Ia merupakan job lanjutan kedua dari class Screamer dan berfokus pada skill-skill tangan dan cakaran. Semenjak rilisnya class ini