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steadily lit when you have a voicemail message waiting. LCD Display. Liquid Crystal Diode (LCD) display provides D-Term activity information plus date, time, and Soft Key operation. Exit. To exit from the Menu or Help mode and go back to the time display. Soft Keys. Any feature shown at the bottom of the LCD display is
The MIC lamp shows the status of the built-in microphone. To change microphone status: • Press Soft Key associated with the MIC Display or press Feature and 1. To select ringer tone. The Dterm Series E has 3 ringer tones that you can select. • Press Feature and 3. The LCD displays the selected tone number (n=1 ~ 3).
? STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS STS SS. + Lift handset. + Receive incuming Voice Call. * Ilial desired stati?n number + Press MICLinckey of Festure and 1. MIE LED lights. 'ness Woke Key ?? IIII стрпе“ I ?? ???? * Respond
BTS. BUSINESS TELEPHONE SYSTEMS. 311 West Valley Avenue. Birmingham, Alabama 35209. NEAX 2400. Integrated Voice Server. Dterm Series E. Telephone. User Guide
Volume. 1. NEC DT ERM SERIES E. PHONE MANUAL. Page 2. ALPHA VOICE. NEC Dterm Series E. © Alpha Voice. 12345 Main Street • Suite 100. Phone 123.456.7890 • Fax 123.456.7890 manual for Alpha Voice telephone and voicemail system is to help new employees be more productive and efficient on the job.
27 Dec 2016
Dterm IP adapter can be attached to Dterm Series i. 8D/16D/32D terminals. It supports the same tele- phony service as the original Dterm terminal. Note 1: Not applicable for Dterm 8. Note 2: Not applicable for Dterm 8/8D/16D. Note 3: Not available for Dterm 65/Dterm Series III and. Dterm 75/Dterm Series E mode. Dterm
Dterm Series E Information/Instructions. Function Keys. HOLD - Press key to place an internal or external call on hold. TRF (Transfer) - Allows the station user to transfer established calls to another station. ANS (Answer) - When LED on this key is lighted, press key to answer a waiting call. (Not applicable.) SPKR (Speaker)
20 Sep 2016 USER GUIDE FOR DTERM SERIES E. TRANSFER. FUNCTION KEYS. Feature - Used to activate setup functions and to program One-Touch Speed Dial/Feature Keys. Recall - Used to terminate established call and reseize dial tone for next call (or feature activation). Conference - Used to establish a
18 Jul 2002 Note: Not Displayed for Dterm 65/Dterm Series III and Dterm 75/Dterm Series E mode. Dterm Series III/Dterm Series E : North America. Dterm 65/Dterm 75 : Australia, Asia, Latin America,. Middle East, Russia. TO ADJUST THE HANDSET RECEIVER VOLUME. ? Press the ?or? key in the off-hook status