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(FL-140). ___ Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150). ___ Schedule of Assets and Debts (DO NOT File/only serve) (FL-142). ___ Financial Statement (Simplified) (If needed) (FL-155). Step 7: ___ File the Legal Separation (FL-170) Step 6: ___ After the hearing, the judge may instruct you to prepare an Order.
10 Oct 2016
INSTRUCTIONS FOR DECLARATION FOR DEFAULT OR UNCONTESTED DISSOLUTION. OR LEGAL SEPARATION (Form FL-170). 1. Print your name, address and phone number at the top of this form. 2. If not filled in for you write “Fresno” after COUNTY OF. The address is: 1130 “O” Street, Fresno, CA 93724- 2201.
FL-170. FOR COURT USE ONLY. PETITIONER: RESPONDENT: CASE NUMBER: DECLARATION FOR DEFAULT OR UNCONTESTED. DISSOLUTION. LEGAL SEPARATION. (NOTE: Items 1 through 12 apply to both dissolution and legal separation proceedings.) I declare that if I appeared in court and were sworn, I would
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3 Feb 2016
This instruction sheet will review the procedure and forms necessary to obtain a default judgment without a hearing in front of a judge. . FL-170. ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUTATTORNEY (Name, State Bar number, and address): FOR COURTUSE ONLY. Pat Sample. 1234 Main Street. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.
6 Apr 2015 Before following these instructions you must satisfy the following: A divorce or legal separation case was properly filed with the Court;; The Respondent was properly given a copy of the legal papers and an FL-115 Proof of Service of Summons was completed;; Both parties completed and exchanged
Judgment Forms from step 12 (FL-165, FL-170, FL-180, and FL-190) • Your written, signed, and notarized Marital Settlement Agreement. • Two large envelopes, postage prepaid. One with your address, and one with the address of your spouse or partner. 17. The judge will sign the judgment (FL-180) without you or your
A divorce in California can involve complicated situations that require multiple forms to file to the court. For an uncontested divorce, a FL-170 form, or a Declaration for Default or Uncontested Dissolution or Legal Separation, must be filed. Ask your divorce lawyer for the FL-170

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